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Ultimation games, is a name that has been around for some time now and is the name which brought some of the most entertaining games ever like Panzer Commander and Destroyer Command, which kept you glued to your computer seats.

Ultimation is an informative website originally started by the game developers where gamers could find the latest updates and patches and learn about any new projects. This site is now a resource that offers detailed information about their earlier releases, describing the games and the process of making them and even information about their releases.

There are also a number of links within our resources category that could help you find updates for their games including their older releases. The best part about the links section is that users of the site can add to the number of links with relevant information that they may deem useful to other fellow enthusiasts. The best part of the website is the flash based games section.

The great number of flash based games we have on offer is reminiscent of the style that made Ultimation such a name in the whole field of gaming at that point of time. The games are based on war, just like all the other games by Ultimation and have the same capacity to make you sit down at the computer for hours. The best of these selections of games in many an opinion is Flash Tank which allows two users to battle it out against each other.

Ultimation combines fun with information and is the one place that all Ultimation Games enthusiasts can come to get information on them and at the same time enjoy the games they have to offer!


Featured Product

SH2 and DC Versions 1.1 Available     March 18, 2002
Updates that upgrade the English versions of both Silent Hunter II and Destroyer Command to version 1.1 are now avaialble. Go to download them.

An update for the German version will follow soon.

Destroyer Command In Stores     February 14, 2002
Destroyer Command went gold last week. Thanks to a wicked-fast distribution effort, copies are now available at "select retailers" in the US. Destroyer Command should be widely available for purchase in North America within a week or two. Please buy it.

Silent Hunter II In Stores     November 8, 2001
Silent Hunter II is now available for sale in the United States. There are plenty of copies to go around, there is no need to panic. Please do not attack your friendly neighborhood software salesperson. SH2 should be arriving in other parts of the world over the next few months

Silent Hunter II News     October 19, 2001
Silent Hunter II has gone gold, and should be available in stores in early November. We've also updated the.

Ultimation Website Updated     Octber 18, 2001
Quite surprisingly, the infinite number of monkeys that we've had banging away on keyboards for the last year have actually managed to produce some intelligible updates for the site. You're looking at the biggest change, the new front page, on which we'll have the monkeys note any future significant updates.